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FanSubs V3Token!

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Ecosystem

FSTV3 is a fully decentralised peer-to-peer digital cryptocurrency, all the holders are equal owners and contributors.

Automatic rewards

All of the holders receive rewards after each transaction. After all the transactions, purcase or sell, 3 % of the transaction value wil be distributed among the owners.

Fair play

Social engagement is really important for us, so we decided to donate after every transaction to the Fansubs.

How do you get started?

The FanSubs Token is on a BSC (Binance Smart Chain) network. The transaction is BNB!

Creating a wallet

Contract:0xa5511d422a076991da358c784E1420A7e7Afe51C (Custom Token Wallets)


The easiest way to buy BNB is on the binance site!

Buy or Sell

If you are ready to buy from the BNB or BUSD, you can also buy from the token!

Fast Buying

When you're ready! You can buy here!

What is the purpose of the FanSubs V3 Token?

We started the development with the aim of making it easier to support Fansubs at the domestic and International level, with our own “payment tool” to recognize their work and efforts!



Project Start!



Token Updating

Previous token version has been replaced, which means that a new token had to be created! New Token (FanSubs V3) 3% Redistribution between Holders (From All Transactions)! 3.3% of Transactions on a separate account from which we assist Fansubs!



Math Wallet

FanSubs V3 Token officially available in Math Wallet! (Android)


Who do we support?

A fansub (short for fan-subtitled) is a version of a foreign film or foreign television program, Typically Anime or Dorama which has been translated by fans (as opposed to an officially licensed translation done by paid professionals) and subtitled into a language usually other than that of the original.

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